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    Light Yards

    Light Yards is the newest installation at Yards Park.  Created by Lucion Media of Montreal, the work consists of four huge globes that at first seem fairly ordinary, until you see the shadow technology and figure out the ways to project selfies or write with your phone flashlight. The installation runs through December 31, from 6-10 each night.  

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    Georgetown Glow

    Georgetown Glow is back for its fourth year, with light installations throughout historic Georgetown. Here’s the information on it – it runs through January 7th, so there is plenty of time to enjoy it. Some of the highlights: Horizontal Interference, by Joachim Slugocki and Katarzyna Malejka Aqueous, by Jen Lewin Light Cloud, by Ted Bazydlo and Brandon Newcomer My Light is Your Light, by Alaa Minawi Bands of Friendship, by Vikas Patil and Santosh Gujar Open Lounge, by Geraud Periole And as a bonus, look across from the Georgetown waterfront to see the Kennedy Center in rainbow colors.

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    New Mural in SW

    There’s a great new mural going up in SW. Wrapping around three sides of a small store, it’s a color riot of geometric shapes with flowers, butterflies, faces, and birds. The mural is by Eric Ricks, and is part of the MuralsDC program, sponsored by the Department of Public Works and the Commission on the Arts and Humanities. If you go this week, you can still see it in process.  It’s at 1399 Half St. SW (that’s not the Half Street by Nats stadium, it’s a couple of blocks away on the other side of South Capitol.  Who knew there were two Half Streets in D.C.?)

  • Culture

    Dia de los Muertos

    The Petworth Arts Collaborative sponsored a great Dia de los Muertos procession on Wednesday night, marching down Georgia Avenue and Upshur Street. Several of the D.C. Focused photographers were there, and here’s some of what we saw:

  • Protests

    Juggalos to America: “Liking crappy music is not a crime”

    File this under, the now we've seen it all category. On Saturday, the Juggalos -- devotees of Insane Clown Posse -- came to D.C. to protest the bad rap they say they've received because of their taste in music and style. The well-behaved and, dare say, friendly group of Juggalos say that the Justice Department has unfairly characterized them a "gang."

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  • Festivals

    It’s County Fair Time!

    Two fairs are open this week -the Montgomery County Fair through Saturday, and the Arlington County Fair through Sunday. And if you miss these, there's the D.C. State Fair on September 24th. The views of the fair are magical at night, but interesting during the day too.

  • Featured Photo

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a DC firefighter

    A DC Firefighter climbed down from the roof of the Tyler House apartment building in Washington, DC. The long firefighter went up the ladder immediately after arriving on scene, disappeared behind the elevator tower for while, followed by loud banging sounds, and then caught the attention of some children on his way back down the ladder.

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  • Events

    Celebrating Capital Pride

    In a town that loves a parade, there aren't many weekends bigger than the annual Capital Pride weekend. And as can be expected, when there's an event this big, there's bound to be a phalanx of photographers out documenting the festivities. There's not many events in DC that can beat it for its sheer photogenic appeal.

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  • Arts

    Agora Dance: 3 Minutes Max

    Along with more traditional performances in more conventional spaces, Agora Dance is known to break from tradition in both its choreography and its selection of performance spaces—like an alley.