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Winter Rush Hour by Geoff Livingston

Winter Rush Hour © Geoff Livingston


Today’s featured image is a great example of why you should never be satisfied with your work. Go back to it a few months later and ask yourself what could you could have done differently, what other angles, perspectives or lenses should you try next time? In this case, Geoff Livingston returned to the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge where he had taken the photo at the bottom of the page a year earlier.

“I actually had been thinking about that shot for a couple of months,” Geoff sad. “I had gotten it from the Virginia side before but it wasn’t as good as I wanted, in part, because the sunrise was too far into progress, and partly because you can’t see the river from the GW Parkway overpass.”

This time around, Geoff photographed the bridge from the Maryland side, specifically from the pedestrian bridge that connects Old Town Alexandria to National Harbor. He used a tripod and remote trigger to take this 8 second exposure. He also created a wide depth of field by setting his aperture at f/16. His best piece of advice if you’d like to try the shot? Wear pants and a long sleeve shirt or jacket since you have to squeeze through some bushes to get to the fence.

To see more of Geoff’s work visit his flickr page. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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Rush Hour on the Beltway © Geoff Livingston

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