Union Station is back!

It’s been a long five years with scaffolding up at Union Station to repair the earthquake damage. It’s been even longer, 50 years in fact, since the main hall offered the unobstructed view intended by Daniel Burnham when he designed it in 1907.
But now it has been restored to its glory:

&copy: Bridgette Murray Law (@birdettemurray on Instagram)
© Bridget Murray Law (@birdettemurray on Instagram)

© Victoria Pickering
© Victoria Pickering

Look at how open it is – no restaurant hovering over the center, no large planters, just the open space:
© Victoria Pickering
© Victoria Pickering

So go there soon – you’ll be astonished by the light. And if you are trying to photograph it, good luck – it’s such an interesting subject, but the strong light coming in the windows vs. the dark areas make it a challenge.

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