Celebrations,  Fourth of July

The view from there (DC’s July 4th fireworks from every angle)

Marine Corps Memorial Fireworks
Untitled by Lance Cheung for the USDA

At the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington.

Still trying to decide where you want to camp out for the Fourth of July fireworks? Well, first, you should go and read our Q&A with the fireworks guy, We’ll wait. When you get back, check out this collection of photos from various places in DC and Arlington.

We can’t promise that you’ll get the same exact results but this will give you an idea of what you might get from these locations. Remember that the biggest impact on your result won’t be your location but how you set up your camera. A tripod and shutter release cable are not a requirement but they will give you a much better chance at getting a sharp, non-blurry photo.

You’ll find lots of advice on camera settings but generally, set your aperture at f/8 or higher for a large depth of field; use a long exposure of up to a few seconds to allow your camera to capture multiple explosions and to capture the cool streaks of lights; set your ISO low since you’ll be using a long exposure time. A telephoto lens will allow you to compress the distance between elements but a wide angle from a good vantage point can also give you a great result.

Featured image, Untitled by Lance Cheung, is in the public domain. The images below are used here under a Creative Commons license.

DC Fireworks
4th July @ Washington DC by Darshan Vaishnav

From the Mount Vernon Trail, looking across the river toward the Lincoln Memorial.

DC Fireworks
July 4, 2014 by John Sonderman

At the Netherlands Carillon, near Arlington National Cemetery.

DC Fireworks
DC-Fireworks by Natraj Ramangupta

From the top of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

DC Fireworks
July 4th Fireworks DC by Carson Fu

Ground level in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

DC Fireworks
Fourth Fireworks by Zach Montellaro


From the field to the west of the Washington Monument on the east side of 15th Street.

DC Fireworks
July 4, 2011 by Photo Phiend

From the east side of the U.S. Capitol.

DC Fireworks
Fireworks on the National Mall by Bill Couch

On the north side of the Washington Monument, near 15th Street NW and Constitution Avenue.

DC Fireworks
DC Fireworks from the Potomac by Skip Steuart

From a boat on the Potomac River, near Lady Bird Johnson Park.

DC Fireworks
DC Fireworks by kmf164

From the Key Bridge.

4th of July
Washington Monument, Fireworks by Martha Heinemann Bixby

In the field north of the World War II Memorial.

Life in metro Washington, D.C. as chronicled by the area's photographers.

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