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Of funk and urbanism: An ode to Jane Jacobs

I went to the Funk Parade; part of the cadre of official photographers. I have recently been inspired by urban theorist, Jane Jacobs, the original proponent of organic urban renewal and sidewalks in the city. To me, Jane should be a street photographer’s hero. Her ideas on urban design were on my mind when I arrived at the parade.

Besides seeing the parade, I was mostly interested in what people were doing, how they were interacting and why they were there. My somewhat Felliniesque take on the parade was not helped by the fact that I had Skepta’s ‘Konnichiwa’ and Radiohead’s ‘Burn the Witch’ on heavy rotation. Here is to Jane Jacobs.

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Nana Gyesie is a street, travel, portrait and documentary photographer currently based in the Washington DC area with roots in Ghana. He is inspired by stories that are related to the human condition and shifting paradigms. His storytelling is inspired by contemporary photographers such as Renzo Grande, Eros Sana and 365Ken; and legendary photographers such as Gary Winogrand, Martin Parr and James Barnor.