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The Friday Rewind


A lot great photo opportunities this weekend, though you better pack your rain gear. There’s Columbia Heights Day on Saturday with all the usual festival fun — food, music, adult tricycle races and, um, zumba classes. Closer to downtown, there’s Taste of DC on Pennsylvania Avenue, with its food, beer, bands and chili eating contest. And if you want to get your schnitzel on, there’s Oktoberfest Reston at the Reston Town Center. Unlike previous years, the new Silver Line will get you … almost to the town center but not quite. Of course, if you’re running in Sunday’s 30th annual Army Ten Miler, you’ll probably be skipping all the beer and festival food. Good luck with that. The Walking Dead Bar Crawl that afternoon is more our speed. More photos after the jump.

Featured image of opening day at the Supreme Court by Victoria Pickering.

Washington Monument Flags

Image by John Sonderman.

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Sunset at Great Falls

Image by Sujinder Pothula.

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Biking Home

Image by Jordan Barab.

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Open (Chinatown, DC)

Image by Patrick Wright.

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Queen's Cafe & Hooka

Image by Casey Labrack.

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Image by Jim Havard.

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Lunchtime walk.

Image by Rudeboy Rodney is not my name.

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Enjoying the ride

Image by Richard Barnhill.

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