The Acro-Cats at Synetic Theater Brought Skillz and LOLs

The Acro-Cats at Synetic Theater.

A calico cat pushing a purple cart carrying a white and grey cat.

The acclaimed Synetic Theater is home to some of the area’s most innovative and avant-garde performances. This made it the perfect tour stop last week for the talented and wacky Acro-Cats!

Using treats, a clicker, and positive reinforcement, lead trainer Samantha Martin has taught her cats some remarkable feats. She demonstrated her training techniques for the audience, and made the case that training your cat can be useful. For example, if you teach your cat to leap into its carrier when you whistle, this can save its life in an emergency evacuation. But of course, the most exciting benefit of a trained cat: the photo opportunities!!

A tabby cat on guitar and a white cat on drums
The Rock Cats. Their tunes were dissonant and hard to dance to.

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A cat hangs from a purple bar while eating a treat.
Cats are excellent multi-taskers.

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A cat balances on pedestals.
Sookie tends to get distracted by shiny objects. But at least she didn’t randomly decide to wander into the audience (unlike one of her colleagues).

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A white cat rings a bell.
Tuna is the “star” of the show. She mostly rings bells.

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A cat jumps between two stools
All the Acro-Cats were former strays, rescues, or orphans. Alley was found in a Chicago alley. She holds the Guinness World Record for longest jump by a cat.

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Want to train your own cat? The ASPCA has cat-training tips and book recommendations, or buy the official Acro-Cats training kit, Click Your Way to a Better Cat!

All images by angela n.