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    Art All Night x 7

    Last Saturday’s Art All Night wasn’t just one celebration — it was, in fact, seven-in-one. Seven neighborhoods hosted events, and a group of DC Focused photographers tag teamed to better chronicle the evening. We saw art and artists, of course, along with musicians, dancers, hula hoopers, and selfie-taking revelers, all bathed in the shimmering light of DC at night. Feature image © 2016 Victoria Pickering   First Things First: The Art More than anything, Art All Night is about the art. I mean, it’s right their in its first name. The festival gave local artists a chance to display their work before huge crowds, educate people and, perhaps, sell some…

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    Dispatches: Rediscovering the Big Apple

      If you are a photographer on the East Coast then you’ve probably done more trips to New York than you can count. And you’ve seen every photographer you know have their own take on the “Greatest City in the World.” But that shouldn’t stop you from looking for something new to inspire you in the Big Apple. Here are some of the things I saw in New York this summer, both old and new. All images © 2016 Rob Cannon. You can see more of Rob’s work on his website. Dispatches is our occasional look outside of DC at the places local photographers have traveled. Have a set of photos…

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    Cocktail Photo Contest Results

    Featured image by Beau Finley The first Drink City cocktail photography contest is over!  Thank you to all who participated – the variety of cocktails and photos submitted were truly inspiring.  As mentioned in the announcement, the winning photographers will receive a 2016 D.C. Passport.   Grace C. submitted several photos of vodka cocktails that look perfect for warm summer evenings.  Clif Burns teased us with four different cocktails in his submissions, including some classics as well as the resurgent Burmese drink, the Pegu Club Cocktail.  Rob Cannon opted for a highball, but pedantry aside, his photo of a vodka soda was too pretty not to include here. Without further…

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    Awesome Con Lives Up to the Name

    For the last fours years, Awesome Con has grown to be a real contender with the growing list of conventions in the Greater DC area. It takes place at the DC Convention Center, which makes it unique for being metro accessible. Check out the photos below of this year’s creative guests.

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    On this day, it was the District of Funk

    U Street was all about the funk on Saturday — music, dancing in the street, drum lines and tens of thousands of people turning out for the all-day party and music fest known as the Funk Parade. The festival of funk took over the U Street corridor, as old and new DC came together to celebrate the city’s cultural heritage. The Mayor of Funk Town was even there throwing beads to cheering constituents, walking just a few hundred yards ahead of parade participants carrying a gigantic, inflatable joint. The parade slogan, after all, was “roll your funk.” Spread along the corridor from the Howard Theater to 14th Street, the festival included…

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    District. Photographed? A changing perspective through dance

    I have been a dance photographer for over a year and Glade Dance Collective was the very first dance company that I worked with. The first show that I saw them perform contained a piece called District. Defined? I was struck by it’s young and eager take on the city. As native of the DC area, it was easy to see it’s perspective as that of a DC transplant, and dismiss it as different from mine. Over the last few years, having seen it a couple times, I’ve started to realize that there is much more that it has to say about our city.

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    Paint Jam Comes to Rhode Island Ave.

      “We are Hip-Hop in all its forms,” says Words Beats & Life, a non-profit arts and educational organization. Last weekend, the Hip-Hop form on display was the mural. Since its founding in 2000, artists working with Word Beats & Life have created thousands of feet of public art around the District, including major installations in Storey Park and Edgewood.  On Saturday, the Fine Lines Paint Jam came to Rhode Island Avenue NE, with dozens of artists leaving their marks on a 900 foot concrete canvas just off the 500 and 600 blocks. With art unfolding before one’s eyes, it was the perfect time for a photo meetup. Several DC…

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    From beach to underground: a sneak peek of Raise/Raze

    [nectar_dropcap color=””]S [/nectar_dropcap]tretching out through the tunnels of the Dupont Underground is a cavern made of plastic balls. Stalagmites and stalactites of balls rise from the floor and descend from the ceiling. Several walls and curved structures wrap around the existing walls in way that seems made for selfies (Sorry Renwick, Facebook profiles are going to be updated). More that just a static installation, the balls are arranged in blocks and affixed with velcro. Visitors are encouraged to move them, which should change the installation over time. The Dupont Underground acquired the plastic balls from the National Building Museum’s The Beach installation a year ago. Over a hundred designs were submitted and, in March, Hou…

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    Our giant, expanding 2016 #CherryBlossomsDC Roundup

      The cherry blossoms are back, which means it’s time once again for our super-sized cherry blossom photography roundup. Better than last year? You be the judge. But one thing that we will say based on the great contributions to the DC Focused flickr pool is that, perhaps (just perhaps), the reports of flickr’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Want to join the fun? Add your cherry blossom photo to our flickr pool. And be sure to check out the DC Focused Guide to Cherry Blossoms. [Updated: 1:10 a.m., March 30] [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””] [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””] [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””] [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””] [divider line_type=”Small Line”…

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    Here come the cherry blossoms: Peak bloom is (almost) here

      Peak bloom is coming. Exactly when … well, that’s another matter, entirely. The National Park Service seems to change its peak Cherry Blossom projection daily, which goes to show just how difficult it is to determine when the majority of the Yoshino cherry trees along the tidal blossom will be in bloom. The NPS first predicted peak bloom would be between March 31 and April 3 but changed the projection to between March 18 and March 23 only to change it once again to March 23 and 24. The fluctuating weather can play havoc on the projections. Here’s how the National Cherry Blossom Festival describes peak bloom: “The Peak Bloom…

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    #DCFocused Pic 5: Introducing the Music Project

    Of all the different photography niches, concert photography is one of the more challenging, mostly because of the light, which is constantly changing and often not very good. Yet, it’s also one of the most exciting kinds of photography because of the energy of the performers and crowd, and, well, it’s as close as most of us will ever get to being rock stars. We’re using today’s Pic 5 to introduce the DCFocused Music Project. The project’s goal is to chronicle the DMV’s vibrant music scene, introduce readers to music they might not otherwise know and offer an outlet for local concert photographers. Check out the Music Project and get in touch…

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