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    Glen Echo Park

    Nestled between MacArthur Boulevard and the Clara Barton Parkway and only a five-minute drive from our nation’s capital, lies a little piece of local history and an active and vibrant artistic community.  Glen Echo Park serves as host to numerous classes, dances (including contra dances, as previously covered by DC Focused), and a monument to a rich local past.   The Baltzley brothers established Glen Echo thanks in large part to the fortune brought in by Edwin Baltzley’s egg beater patent.  The brothers purchased 516 acres in 1888 to build a large real estate development:  Glen-Echo-on-the-Potomac was to help D.C. rival cities on the Rhine like Cologne, Basel, Strasbourg, Utrecht,…

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    Jousting through Summer

    Looking for a family friendly event that’s only an hour away from Washington? From August to October, the Maryland Renaissance Festival is probably the easiest way to spend an entire day without a dull moment. From the moment you walk up to the gate, there are people dressed up in elaborate “period” pieces from the most authentic to the most outlandish. There are hundreds of activities for kids and adults. Shops adorn the paths between activities with intricately designed costumes, swords, and jewelry. Multiple stages throughout the festival showcase performances of all types, from the deathtifying to singing and dancing. While styled around medieval and renaissance themes, the festival never takes itself too seriously and ends up being…

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    Maryland Renaissance Festival

    Where else can you find jousting, turkey legs, and elephants all in the same place? The Maryland Renaissance Festival a great way to end the summer. Based around a fictional 16th-century English town, there are a hundreds of performers, artisans, and attendees dressed in period garb and just about anything else. Below are photos from some of the activities on Labor Day weekend. All images by Rob Cannon. They are used here with permission.