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Should old acquaintance be forgot: A look back at our favorite images of 2015

Image © Nana Gyesie. “I love it because it is less grittier than some of my usual photos. A moment where a street crooner created love.”


2015 was an amazing year for photography in DC — from historic moments seen by millions to those little moments like the one above that you just happen upon. We asked members of the DC Focused community to show us their favorite images from the last year and to tell us why. What they showed us drives home a point that we believe is at the heart of why so many of us love photography. Our favorite images are often more than beautiful photos — they show us a deeper connection between photograph and photographer. It’s the moment that really matters — it’s how capturing that image made us feel at the time and how the image make us feel now looking back at it.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016.

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Image © John Sonderman


“This was one of my Marine One bucket list pictures, taking off in the snow. By pure chance (due to a 2 hour snow delay) I happened to be traveling down Constitution Ave as the helicopter came in for a landing. My wife took the car as I jumped out at the corner and ran into position to catch the snow blown take-off.”

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Image © Pablo Raw


“The preachers came to harass people who were celebrating Pride, and people reacted. I call this photo “Freedom of Expression”. And yes, I said harass. They were not just preaching, I was there.”

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Image © Clif Burns


“I like this shot of a woman on Nob Hill with her dog because of the matching hair. Also because: dogs with owners.”

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 Image © Nicole Radivilov


“I have a different (arguably better) photo that shows his face, but I love that I managed to capture this much more emotional moment, especially since a lot of people blocked my view and I barely had any time to prep or think about the shot.”

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Image © Miki Jourdan


“This one from the DC Pride Parade is my favorite. I love the guy pointing in the background, and was particularly moved by the woman’s tattoo (‘Only God Can Judge You.’)”

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Image © Van Ngo


“One frame, no re-do’s. Just kids being kids.”

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Image © Betsy Law


“Many people pass through Union Station every day, and it’s a great place to people watch. I’m curious as to who or what this person is patiently waiting for.”

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Image © John Jack Gallagher


“It was taken Halloween Night 2015 at JR’s Bar on 17th NW right after the Miss Adams Morgan Pageant. I think the costumes and expressions are great (including Spock’s expressionless expression. LOL). I’ve always loved crossover stories so Dorothy & Spock meeting in some Space/Time Continuum would be a pretty interesting twist.”

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Image © Elanor Anne Wainscott


I think this one from the Montgomery County Fair. I like the boy’s expression.

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Image © Joseph Gruber


“Over the past few weeks I keep coming back to this one as my favorite of the year. Taken from Skyline Drive as the International Space Station passed overhead (the long streak) I love how you can see the stars, including the Bittle Dipper, even as the sunset continues way off on the horizon. The dead tree was an interesting find in August as well providing a bit of a dichotomy. ”

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Image © James Wisnieski


“I went to the White House after I heard that it was lit up in the rainbow colors. I took way too many pictures there, but kept coming back to this one. It’s an interesting perspective on how life is recorded today.”

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Image © Jeff Norman


“This is one of my favs from 2015. I took a chance and camped out here, hoping the Pope’s motorcade would pass and I guessed right!”

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Image © Victoria Pickering


“This is my favorite image just because it was a fleeting opportunity – it was only for a couple of seconds that the guards let some people go up the Supreme Court steps, with a view over the crowds right after the decision on marriage equality.”

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Image © Joe Newman


“When I saw this guy go to the rail with the cigarette, I literally tripped over myself running to get into position. There’s always been something about people in costumes doing ‘normal’ things like smoking that intrigue me.”

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