Scenes From the H Street Festival

‘Tis the season for neighborhood festivals. In recent weeks, 17th Street, Adams Morgan, and Columbia Heights have strutted their stuff and last Saturday, it was H Street NE’s turn. The 10th annual H Street Festival featured 10 whole city blocks worth of music, dancing, fashion, food, and fun.

"Runway Cuties" by Victoria Pickering
Runway Cuties by Victoria Pickering


Nana Gyesie, Victoria Pickering, philliefan99 and I were on hand for the festivities and here is some of what we saw…

Featured image, Runway Cuties by Victoria Pickering, is part of the DC Focused flickr pool. More photos from the pool below.


The Fashion Show

"H Street Fashion Show" by Miki Jourdan
H Street Fashion Show by Miki Jourdan
"The Girl from Ipanema- Astrud" by Nana Gyesie
The Girl from Ipanema- Astrud by Nana Gyesie

People at Play

"Dancing to the Beat" by Victoria Pickering
Dancing to the Beat by Victoria Pickering
"Zumba" by Miki Jourdan
Zumba by Miki Jourdan
up in the air
up in the air by Phil

"Confetti" by Miki Jourdan
Confetti by Miki Jourdan
"Ampersand" by Miki Jourdan
Ampersand by Miki Jourdan

Must Love Dogs

"The Warrior" by Nana Gyesie
The Warrior by Nana Gyesie
"Dancing with Fifi" by Miki Jourdan
Dancing with Fifi by Miki Jourdan


Neighborhood Faces

"Pink" by Miki J.
Pink by Miki J.
"Untitled" by Nana Gyesie
Untitled by Nana Gyesie
"Bubbles" by Miki Jourdan
Bubbles by Miki Jourdan
"Untitled" by Nana Gyesie
Untitled by Nana Gyesie
"Padgett" by Miki Jourdan
Padgett by Miki Jourdan

A photographer since 2013, Miki goes by "Miki" to avoid all the Michael Jo[u]rdan jokes.