Out on a Limb

This year as cherry blossom season rolled around I decided to try something a little different…with an emphasis on ‘little.’  When I first saw street artist, Slinkachu’s ingenious photographs of little people out in the world I think I was maybe equal parts charmed and jealous. What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?!?

Since Slinkachu started photographing little people in 2006 a whole slew of photographers have been charmed into their own little photography projects.  There are a number of Flickr groups dedicated to them and some truly ingenious work with little people and big food by photographer Christopher Boffoli. Following in the tiny footprints of all the little people photo projects already out there in the world, I got my hands on some photographers and we all took a couple of trips down to the Tidal Basin to photograph the cherry blossoms from a different perspective this year.

All photos © Lorie Shaull


This project was a lot of fun and I’d highly recommend giving the little people a try. The brand I used was Presier, a German manufacturer of miniature figures since 1949. The figures have been traditionally used for train layouts and dioramas. I bought mine from Amazon and, consider yourself warned, once you start seeing the wide variety of collections of them you’ll want them all. This time around, I decided to stick with the photographers but I suspect I might have a couple more little projects in the wings.


Despite the crowds, only a few people seemed to notice my focus on my tiny subjects. I noticed if you’re intently photographing from one spot, people with cameras tend to think you’ve found a really great place for a photo and come along afterwards to take their own…sans little person.

A parade of people



I dipped my little people’s feet into a small tube of wax to keep them in place.




  1. I enjoyed this with a smile on my face! Well done!

    • Thank you! I’m happy to know you enjoyed it–it was a fun little self-assignment!!

  2. Just delightful. You already know my obsession with little things, so this is perfect. With these photos, I can just imagine being so little, and staring up at those HUGE flowers, or teetering up one of those branches to get that perfect shot. Thanks!

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