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Mexrrissey: It’s Morrissey in Español (¡de verdad!)

All images © 2016 Dave Wissman. Mexrrissey performs at the State Theatre in Falls Church


What happens when you take the moody, often dark, punk-inspired music of Smith’s frontman Morrissey and translate them into Spanish? You get Mexrrissey, a collaboration of Mexican musicians who have joined together in a tribute to Morrissey.

Calling them a tribute band, however, would not do them justice. The members of Mexrrissey are all notable musicians in their own right who have come together to pay homage to the great Moz. This convergence of style brings an extra level of energy to the classic Morrissey songs with notes of traditional Mexican sounds.

They played Wednesday night at the State Theatre in Falls Church.

From the band’s website: “In Mexico Morrissey has always been a prophet with honour. His songs of love, loss and longing, with powerful imagery and metaphors have found a huge audience and chimed with generations raised on rancheras and mariachis and their singers who were not afraid to cross the line.”

The band is touring to promote their debut album, No Manchester, which was released in March.

According to the band:

” ‘No Manchester’ is a Mexican slang phrase meaning ‘No Way’ or ‘Are you kidding me?’ but more than that it means that these songs, born in Manchester, have grown up, changed their hair and the clothes they wear and are living in Mexico under an assumed name.”

All images © 2016 Dave Wissman. You can see more of his work on his portfolio site, on Facebook and on Instagram at @dwissman.



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