Kaitlin K. Walsh’s portrait of activist Rose Hamid is our challenge winner

unspecifiedOur Environmental Portrait Challenge asked the DC Focused community to enter two photos that told us a story about a particular subject. One should be a headshot and the other a portrait that puts the subject in a setting that tells us little about that person’s “story.”

It’s the type of “challenge” that photojournalists do on a daily basis when they are asked to produce images to go with profiles that will run in magazines, newspapers or websites.

Our guest judge, Lynford Morton of Shutterbug Life, selected these images that Kaitlin K. Walsh submitted of Rose Hamid, a Muslim activist working to forge personal connections and open up dialog between diverse groups of people to promote understanding, acceptance and the ability to work together despite differences. For her winning entry, Kaitlin receives $50.

Here’s what Lynford had to say about Kaitlin’s photos: “For environmental portraits, the story you tell is almost as important as the image you create. I loved the pair of submissions of the Muslim activist. The photo of her speaking on a busy street is the kind of storytelling that provides insight and creates intrigue. I get the sense that she is earnest and she might be up against some challenging odds when you read the protest signs in the background. The headshot portrait was beautifully executed in portraying her a peaceful woman and showcasing the vibrant colors. Both images were well done. Kudos to the photographer.”

Kaitlin captured the images in Public Square in Cleveland on the first day of the Republican National Convention.

“She was an eloquent, articulate and optimistic speaker despite protests going on behind her,” Kaitlin sad. “I was lucky enough to be able to speak with her after her speech and she was wonderful and welcoming.”

Images © 2016 Kaitlin K. Walsh. You can see more of her work on her website.

Here a video with more of Lynford’s thoughts about Kaitlin’s images and environmental portrait photography, in general.

Environmental Portrait contest results from Lynford Morton on Vimeo.