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Jousting through Summer

Renn Faire 2015 #22

Looking for a family friendly event that’s only an hour away from Washington? From August to October, the Maryland Renaissance Festival is probably the easiest way to spend an entire day without a dull moment. From the moment you walk up to the gate, there are people dressed up in elaborate “period” pieces from the most authentic to the most outlandish. There are hundreds of activities for kids and adults. Shops adorn the paths between activities with intricately designed costumes, swords, and jewelry. Multiple stages throughout the festival showcase performances of all types, from the deathtifying to singing and dancing. While styled around medieval and renaissance themes, the festival never takes itself too seriously and ends up being one of the most enjoyable outdoor events in the area.

See some of the activities and performances after the break. All images © Rob Cannon.

The highlight is the joust which happens every two hours on the main stage. At other times, archery and other feats of skill are demonstrated.

Renn Faire 2015 #25

Renn Faire 2015 #26

Renn Faire 2015 #02

People dressed in costumes wander throughout the park; sometimes giving a quick quip or two, other times with full two to three minute scenes acted out.

Renn Faire 2015 #08
Cu Dubh

Want to hear the Games of Thrones theme on the bagpipes? Musical acts such as Cu Dubh entertain guests on various stages.

Renn Faire 2015 #10
Ichabod Wainwright’s Wheel of Death

Many of the shows contain thrilling acts, like Ichabod Wainwright’s gymnastic performance on a wheel spinning through the air.

Renn Faire 2015 #12
I’ve got this
Renn Faire 2015 #16
Will you accept this rose?

Many of the weekends have a theme. In honor of Pirate Day, many people were dressed as pirates.

Renn Faire 2015 #17

Both kids and adults are able to climb this three story climbing wall.

Renn Faire 2015 #07
The O’Danny Girls

Want some off-color songs while you have a beer and eat a turkey leg? The O’Danny Girls are one of the many acts that perform at the taverns.

Renn Faire 2015 #03

Watch vendors make some of the items you can purchase.

Renn Faire 2015 #01

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