Georgetown Glow

Georgetown Glow is back for its fourth year, with light installations throughout historic Georgetown. Here’s the information on it – it runs through January 7th, so there is plenty of time to enjoy it.

Some of the highlights:

Horizontal Interference, by Joachim Slugocki and Katarzyna Malejka

Aqueous, by Jen Lewin

Light Cloud, by Ted Bazydlo and Brandon Newcomer

My Light is Your Light, by Alaa Minawi

Bands of Friendship, by Vikas Patil and Santosh Gujar

Open Lounge, by Geraud Periole

And as a bonus, look across from the Georgetown waterfront to see the Kennedy Center in rainbow colors.

I'm a D.C. native, but have only been taking photos for about five years. Even in that time, I've seen so many changes in D.C., and am increasingly interested in photographing the things in D.C. that are temporary or may be demolished, and the people who interact with the city. When I'm not out photographing, I'm a web developer.