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Cocktail Photo Contest Results

Featured image by Beau Finley

The first Drink City cocktail photography contest is over!  Thank you to all who participated – the variety of cocktails and photos submitted were truly inspiring.  As mentioned in the announcement, the winning photographers will receive a 2016 D.C. Passport.  

Grace C. submitted several photos of vodka cocktails that look perfect for warm summer evenings.  Clif Burns teased us with four different cocktails in his submissions, including some classics as well as the resurgent Burmese drink, the Pegu Club Cocktail.  Rob Cannon opted for a highball, but pedantry aside, his photo of a vodka soda was too pretty not to include here.

Without further ado, here are the winning shots:

Vodka Violette with a Flourish by Grace C.


Sazerac by Clif Burns


Vodka Soda by Rob Cannon




Beau is a photographer and musician from Washington, D.C.