Dispatches: Rediscovering the Big Apple


travel week4If you are a photographer on the East Coast then you’ve probably done more trips to New York than you can count. And you’ve seen every photographer you know have their own take on the “Greatest City in the World.” But that shouldn’t stop you from looking for something new to inspire you in the Big Apple. Here are some of the things I saw in New York this summer, both old and new.

All images © 2016 Rob Cannon. You can see more of Rob’s work on his website.

Dispatches is our occasional look outside of DC at the places local photographers have traveled. Have a set of photos you’d like to feature here? Contact us at editor@dcfocused.com.


Forget About It

Some things are tried and true, so don’t worry about taking the “tourist” photos of the usual haunts. Maybe you’ll take something different or maybe you’ll figure out where that postcard was taken. Either way you’ll learn something and have some photos you are proud to share.




Museums, or Ask a Friend

With a city as big as New York there are incredible museums of all shapes and sizes. I took a day to see the MET and I could spend weeks in there. One thing I did for this trip was ask a local friend for recommendations and she recommended the “Manis X Machina” exhibit. It was amazing and something I probably would have never thought of seeing on my own.


Something New

Whether it’s the Highline, the Oculus, or One World Trade Center, there are always new things being built in NYC. This trip I went to see One World Trade Center and I was blown away. When I came out of the subway and was not prepared for the incredible engineering and design of the Oculus Transportation Hub. It looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. The 9/11 memorial was incredibly moving in a way I did not expect as well. The use of negative space was jarring in a city known for its density.

To top it all off, the view from the top of the One World Center is jaw dropping. I had given it only a couple hours on my itinerary, but it is worth half a day at least. On a clear day you can see all of Manhattan in every direction. It is definitely a must see.

A life-long resident of the DC area, I recently started viewing the city from a different angle: behind a camera. I enjoy capturing concerts, dance, and festivals. My photos are often of concerts seen on popular local blogs, such as DCist.