#DCFocused Pic 5: Put these Five under 500 on your radar

There are some amazing Instagrammers out there doing work that really just blows us away. While a lot of the stars on Instagram are rocking tens of thousands of followers, today’s Pic 5 highlights five photographers in our feed who are doing great work but have less than 500 followers. We think they should be on your radar.

Follow today’s contributors on Instagram at @markalanandre, @ohhellorachel, @i.cami, @shimch34, @dimitris_manis . To be featured in our Pic 5 selection, tag your photos #DCFocused.

1. @markalanandre – Mark Alan Andre

From his bio: “Architectural Designer living, working and photographing in Washington, DC. Canon 5D Mark III, LifePixel Converted Infrared Canon 60D.” His background as an architectural designer plays a big role in his aesthetic. His feed, mostly black and white, is filled with patterns and symmetry. He also uses infrared photography to create some striking images of otherwise familiar scenes.

2. ohhellorachel – rachel m.

just my type. [no. 5] #notpictured: baseball bat balancing. ⚾️

A photo posted by rachel m. (@ohhellorachel) on

She’ a baseball fan. You can see a link to her custom-designed, baseball-related t-shirts in her bio. Her photos, most of which are part of a 365-day project, show off her fantastic eye for detail.

3. i.cami – Cami

Her images are beautifully composed, with a wonderful use of negative space.

4. @shimch34 – Shamila Chaudhary

A creative type who also has some heavy-duty foreign policy cred (which we suppose isn’t too unusual in this town). Many of her images have a dreamy quality that show off her appreciation for shadows and contrast, along with an understated sense of humor.

5. @dimitris_manis – Dimitris Manis

Dimitris offers a nice mix of street and moody landscapes in his feed. His photography shows off a journalist’s passion for documenting the city with beautiful story telling and soulful portraits.

Multi-media story teller, non-profit do-gooder, international street photographer, serious poker player, intrepid traveler.