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Dancing above the skyline — crane style

Dance of the Cranes by John Jack Photography


When you think of dancing cranes, there’s certain images that come to mind. Construction cranes moving in a synchronized ballet above the skyline might not be on that list. Of course, that’s the kind of event we might expect the Capital Fringe Festival to deliver, which they did earlier this week. From the description of the event:

As the performance progresses, the accompanying ambient music will echo through the streets, creating the sensation that the entire city is the stage for this complex performance and immersing the audience within the spectacle. Repurposing these utilitarian machines as the star performers in a delicate dance, creates the opportunity to forever change the way the audience relates to the city around them.

Featured image, Dance of the Cranes by John Jack Photography, is part of the DC Focused flickr pool. More photos from the pool below.

Crane Dance by John J Young

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Crowds watching Dance of the Cranes by Victoria Pickering

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