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    Of funk and urbanism: An ode to Jane Jacobs

    I went to the Funk Parade; part of the cadre of official photographers. I have recently been inspired by urban theorist, Jane Jacobs, the original proponent of organic urban renewal and sidewalks in the city. To me, Jane should be a street photographer’s hero. Her ideas on urban design were on my mind when I arrived at the parade. Besides seeing the parade, I was mostly interested in what people were doing, how they were interacting and why they were there. My somewhat Felliniesque take on the parade was not helped by the fact that I had Skepta’s ‘Konnichiwa’ and Radiohead’s ‘Burn the Witch’ on heavy rotation. Here is to…

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    Maryland Renaissance Festival

    Where else can you find jousting, turkey legs, and elephants all in the same place? The Maryland Renaissance Festival a great way to end the summer. Based around a fictional 16th-century English town, there are a hundreds of performers, artisans, and attendees dressed in period garb and just about anything else. Below are photos from some of the activities on Labor Day weekend. All images by Rob Cannon. They are used here with permission.

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    Old Town musician by Rob Cannon

    Some of you old-timers out there may remember when Jamey Turner used to bring his wine glasses onto the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. These days he can often be found performing on the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria. Check out some of the YouTube videos posted of him if you want to be amazed. Images by Rob Cannon. They are part of the DC Focused flickr pool.

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    ‘Independence’ by Lost in Paradise

    Well, our patriotic cup does runneth over this week. Today’s contribution is from an Australian ex-pat who last week kicked off her “365 project,” which means she has the ambitious goal of taking and posting one picture every day for the next year. This photo taken on the Fourth of July is her first entry. Here’s what she says about it: I suppose I picked July 4 as the beginning of this project for a reason. It represents the birth of something new: daunting and challenging but equally rewarding. It’s the most American of holidays, after all, and the USA has of course been such a huge part of my…

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