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    Juggalos to America: “Liking crappy music is not a crime”

    File this under, the now we've seen it all category. On Saturday, the Juggalos -- devotees of Insane Clown Posse -- came to D.C. to protest the bad rap they say they've received because of their taste in music and style. The well-behaved and, dare say, friendly group of Juggalos say that the Justice Department has unfairly characterized them a "gang."

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    The Old Post Office has a new tenant — this may make you angry (or not)

    I like walking around the city, the noise, hustle and bustle of people going about their lives, the historic buildings and the occasional protests. It speaks to the history of our country and to many DC residents, a fact of life that tends to be forgotten or in some cases, ignored. This election cycle has certainly been intense, with people on both sides feeling that they too have been ignored. Our choice of candidates is rather unique this year and has inspired anger and distrust on all sides. Last week was the soft opening of the Trump Hotel in the old Post Office building, on Pennsylvania Ave. Along with this…

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    Demonstrations continue in D.C.

    Last night there were two demonstrations in D.C., continuing to focus on some of the major issues of these difficult times. The first demonstration was a Black Lives Matter rally, starting at the White House and marching down to the Capitol. These photos are taken when the marchers are just approaching the Capitol.           When the deomonstrators reached the Capitol grounds, they then merged into the Stop Gun Violence rally which was in progress at the Capitol.         There will undoubtedly be many more demonstrations as the summer continues on into the fall campaign season.    

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    A March for Justice

    Featured photo by Joseph Gruber On Thursday, a little before 9 am, in reaction to two more killings of black civilians by police, two local activists, Robert James and Devon Trotter, got to work organizing a march.   As the day progressed, word of the March to End Police Brutality spread through social media and by word of mouth.  Local blogs helped spread the word.  By 6 pm, over 2,000 people indicated they would be attend.  By 8 pm, that number had grown to over 3,000. There’s a terrible sameness to all of this, bordering on ritual.  It’s usually a man, a black man, whose name we learn not because of how…

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    D.C rallies for Orlando

    Pride was celebrated all weekend in D.C., but before we bring you those photos, we want to show the strength, love, and sadness from the D.C. rallies for Orlando. Here are the scenes by the Capitol and White House last night:                      

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    Celebrating Prince’s life and music with an impromptu U Street dance party

      [nectar_dropcap color=””]O [/nectar_dropcap]ne of my favorite things about living in a city like Washington are the spontaneous celebrations, protests or memorials that happen around big, emotional events. So, it was fitting that after Thursday’s news that Prince had passed away, people would gather to remember the legendary musician who gave us such amazing music over parts of five decades. But the hundreds who showed up at the corner of U and 14th streets didn’t come to mourn his passing as much to celebrate what his music meant to them with an impromptu dance party. It was cathartic. As the organizers wrote on Facebook: “We need to sweat out these tears!”…

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    Democracy & Demonstrations on The Hill

    It was a busy Monday morning on Capitol Hill with continued Democracy Spring demonstrations & arrests at the Capitol as well as enough demonstrators at the Supreme Court for police to block off First Street between SCOTUS and The Capitol. This morning the Supreme Court heard the immigration case, United States v. Texas. For some good explainers on the case (it’s complicated) take a look at Vox and SCOTUS Blog. I’ve photographed a fair amount of demonstrations at the Supreme Court & I always like getting to see the handmade creations that protesters bring to make their point. Both events didn’t disappoint as far as creativity is concerned; the giant…

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    Nuclear Summit

    D.C. is the stage for many complex events, but the Nuclear Summit that took place yesterday and today has to have been one of the most challenging, with 50 world leaders attending. Several blocks surrounding the Convention Center were blocked off with high security fencing, with police and tanks manning the entrance points. It was eerily quiet walking around the perimeter, with no cars in the usually heavily-trafficked area.             Meanwhile, a couple of blocks away at McPherson Square, Ground Zero staged a protest against nuclear weapons, complete with a life-sized blowup of a weapon.             All images © Victoria…

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    Donald Trump pays the District a visit; DC is not impressed

      Protestors at the annual AIPAC conference are nothing new. This year, however, there was the added element of the not-quite-yet presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump making his first visit to the District this year. But unlike most of his campaign stops where he whips his supporters into a lather, Trump got a mixed reception from the bipartisan pro-Israel lobby group. There were no major disruptions reported during his speech as has often happened on the campaign trail. Instead, the protests happened outside as a small group of protestors waved signs and chanted as conference goers made their way into the Verizon Center. [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””] [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””] [divider line_type=”Small Line”…

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    Supreme Court hears challenge to Texas abortion law

      Supreme Court justices heard arguments in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, one of the most significant abortion rights cases to come before the Court in years. At issue is a Texas law that regulates facilities that perform abortions. If a lower court ruling is upheld, the law would effectively force the closure of all but 6 of the 40 facilities in the state where women can get abortions. You can learn more about the case here. [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””] [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””] [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””]

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    The Vigil Continues

    Concepcion Picciotto, who died last week, had long been known as the public face of the peace vigil across from the White House.  But she wasn’t alone in supporting the vigil. While Connie was there during the days, Philipos has been maintaining the vigil there during the nights for decades.  Until more volunteers are found, Philopos is now also there during the days.  When I spoke with him yesterday afternoon, he had been there for 58 hours, and was still talking graciously to me and the other interested bystanders. It has always been a challenge to maintain the vigil, since park rules forbid any sleeping there or any items that…

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    The mediating power of the American flag: A localized observation of Nepali geopolitics

    On a wintery mid-morning on November 22nd, a group of Nepalese protesters organized by self-described Greater Nepali-American community gathered near the White House to protest what they described as India’s blockade of the border with their country. One unidentified protester suggested that the impact could potentially decimate poor people in Nepal. Importantly, this same unidentified Nepali stated that the impact of the border blockade meant there was no transportation of gas, fuel and food from India to the landlocked Nepali. There were approximately 300  protesters, yet I noticed a counter protest organized by a group representing the Madhesis, supposedly a marginalized group which suffered brutalities at the hand of the…

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