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    Photos beyond the monuments: Ten years of Exposed

    Congrats to Exposed DC, which recently marked ten years of celebrating photography in Washington, DC. They do so with an annual photo contest that highlights a city that most tourists never get to see – the DC beyond the monuments. I was fortunate to be in the very first show back in 2006 with my photo “Rose Runs.” It’s the daughter of a friend of mine, captured as she was walking past a graffiti-covered wall in Stead Park near Dupont Circle. The park has since been cleaned up but I liked the contrast between the innocence of youth and the grit of the city. The advent of digital cameras had…

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    5 minutes with Brian Mosley (the fireworks guy)

      Brian Mosley is “the fireworks guy.” Photographing fireworks in the nation’s Capital and writing about it on one of DC’s popular local blogs year after year will get you that kind of reputation. His work promoting Washington, DC’s annual celebration has been as much an act of devotion as a public service. He’s told people the best places to see the fireworks and offered advice to would-be photographers. He has led Meetup groups at DC’s Fourth of July celebration and even had one of his fireworks photos recognized in Exposed DC’s annual contest. So when we were thinking of who to feature for our Fourth of July fireworks Q&A, we…

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    5 minutes with Victoria Milko

      Victoria Milko has been around cameras all her life. “Some of my first memories are of sitting in my father’s darkroom at Georgetown University, watching photos magically appear in-front of my eyes when placed in a tray of mysterious liquid,” she writes on her website. “I was mystified, intrigued and instantly enamored. I received my first camera, a Polaroid, when I was a toddler- the world became my photography playground.”  So, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that these days, she’s at the forefront of DC’s indie photography scene, a city that she has been around since those Polaroid days. Besides staying busy doing product shoots, freelancing for the Washington Express…

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    5 minutes with Chris Suspect

    Back in the mid-80s, a teenaged Chris Suspect went to his first punk show at the old WUST Hall, where the 9:30 Club sits today. Naked Raygun, MIA and the Cereal Killers were among the bands that took the stage that night.  “Back then I didn’t have a camera nor the balls to photograph the bands, punks and skinheads at these shows, but I remembered the energy, the fun and the danger that swirled like a tornado at these events,” he writes on his blog, Suspect Device. DC has come a long way from those days. As has Chris, a new media designer who took up photography about seven years ago…

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    5 minutes with Navin Sarma

    A life-long resident of the DC area, fine art photographer Navin Sarma has traveled the world chasing that perfect image. Yet, he’s done some of his best work closer to home — whether its his artistic interpretations of famous Washington landmarks or some of the gorgeous landscapes that he has captured just a short drive outside of the city. He says he wants his viewers to “feel awe and wonder about how shapes, colors, and contrasts can converge, artfully, into a scene.” Besides exhibiting his work and conducting photography workshops, he has also picked up several accolades for his photos, including an honorable mention in the 2014 International Photography Awards. You can see…

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