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    DC’s Pokémon hunt draws hundreds to National Mall

      The hunt for the not-so elusive wild Pokémon hit the National Mall on Saturday, as hundreds of fans of the mobile game came out for a massive PokeWalk. Players split up into three teams and walked the Mall on the trail of Pokémon. Our DC Focused Photography Meetup group was there to document the action.  

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    Out on a Limb

    This year as cherry blossom season rolled around I decided to try something a little different…with an emphasis on ‘little.’  When I first saw street artist, Slinkachu’s ingenious photographs of little people out in the world I think I was maybe equal parts charmed and jealous. What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?!? Since Slinkachu started photographing little people in 2006 a whole slew of photographers have been charmed into their own little photography projects.  There are a number of Flickr groups dedicated to them and some truly ingenious work with little people and big food by photographer Christopher Boffoli. Following in the tiny footprints of all the little…

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    Winter Rush Hour by Geoff Livingston

      Today’s featured image is a great example of why you should never be satisfied with your work. Go back to it a few months later and ask yourself what could you could have done differently, what other angles, perspectives or lenses should you try next time? In this case, Geoff Livingston returned to the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge where he had taken the photo at the bottom of the page a year earlier. “I actually had been thinking about that shot for a couple of months,” Geoff sad. “I had gotten it from the Virginia side before but it wasn’t as good as I wanted, in part, because the sunrise…

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    Shadow of the Monument by John J Young

      It’s easy to forget that the Washington Monument is really just a big sundial. John J Young’s photo of the Monument is one we don’t see a lot, which is pretty impressive since we see a lot of photos of the Washington Monument. “This photo wasn’t pre-planned,” John says. “I had tickets to go to the top of the monument so I was there to do that. It just so happened that as I was walking up to the base of the monument I noticed the symmetry of the shadows and the monument and the glow of the sun peeking out from directly behind the monument…so I started shooting.” Featured…

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    For the departed: A fall stroll through Arlington National Cemetery

      With a two-month-old baby at home, my photography outings are fewer and farther in between at the moment. But my wife and I took advantage of the beautiful weather on Saturday to meetup with a few other local photographers and stroll through Arlington National Cemetery. The cemetery is one those beautiful spots that I don’t get to that often. The fall, however, may be the best time of the year to go because of the wonderful colors. All images © Joe Newman. You can see more of his work on his website. You can follow him on Instagram at @cosmicsmudge. [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””] [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””] [divider…

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    Sunrise challenge at the Marine Corps War Memorial

      Sunrise photography isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Getting out of a warm bed a couple hours before dawn is hard enough for most folks but when the temperatures outside are near freezing, it can be downright agonizing. Our Sunday morning meetup at the Marine Corps War Memorial was one of those days. But in this case, the payoff meant hanging out with other die-hards and getting a gorgeous shot of the sun rising over the city. One of the lessons you learn from these outings is how important it is to work quickly when you’re shooting sunrises. The best light is often in that half hour before the sun…

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    Tidal Basin after Nor’easter storms by Richard Brundage

      One of the things all of us should strive for in our photography is to be more “intentional.” Have a plan. Know what kind of image you’d like to create and then figure out the best way to do so ahead of time — and then have the flexibility to adjust your plan on the fly if need be. Richard Brundage’s image of the tidal basin during the recent spate of rainy weather is a nice example of that. While most of DC does its best to get out of inclement weather, the intrepid landscape photographer is grabbing his or her rain gear and heading out. Richard’s intention Saturday afternoon…

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    5 minutes with Brian Mosley (the fireworks guy)

      Brian Mosley is “the fireworks guy.” Photographing fireworks in the nation’s Capital and writing about it on one of DC’s popular local blogs year after year will get you that kind of reputation. His work promoting Washington, DC’s annual celebration has been as much an act of devotion as a public service. He’s told people the best places to see the fireworks and offered advice to would-be photographers. He has led Meetup groups at DC’s Fourth of July celebration and even had one of his fireworks photos recognized in Exposed DC’s annual contest. So when we were thinking of who to feature for our Fourth of July fireworks Q&A, we…

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    Deluge II by His Noodly Appendage

      We were drawn to this photo because there’s something raw, not only in the way it’s underexposed, composed and processed, but in the moment that it captures: A tourist getting caught in a sudden downpour. Flickr user His Noodly Appendage was biking home past the Lincoln Memorial when the thunderstorm seemed to come out of nowhere. “Suddenly, everyone is sprinting to the broad white steps to shelter under the marble columns with Abe,” he said. “Every race, creed and nationality sharing a sustained ‘whoo!’ every time the thunder crashed close overhead. Lightening danced behind the Washington Monument until the heavy rain obscured that too.” Featured image, Deluge II by…

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    Honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice

      President Abraham Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address five years before Memorial Day, or Decoration Day as it was originally known, was established. But there may not be a more powerful ode to those who gave their lives in combat than the 272 words President Lincoln uttered in 1863 at the Gettysburg battlefield. On this Memorial Day, it’s worth reading those words again: “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and…

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    Balanced by John Sonderman

    In DC photography circles, John Sonderman is known as the Helicopter Guy. He has an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time to get shots of helicopters, including Marine One, as they fly over the National Mall on approach to the White House or along the Potomac. He may have outdone even himself with today’s photo of an HMX-1 seemingly balanced atop the Washington Monument. John was at the Air Force Memorial on the Virginia side of the Potomac when he captured this image. He said that he was able to determine, with the help of the Googles, that this helicopter was part of a group…

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    Frozen Tears by Brian Mosley

    Mother Nature must hate us — teasing us with highs in the 70s on Tuesday only to sucker punch us with a return of chilly weather through Friday, the official start of spring. Ghandi haz a sad. Brian Mosley captured that frozen tear back in February on the Mahatma Ghandi Memorial near Dupont Circle. Featured image by Brian Mosley is part of the DC Focused flickr pool. You can see more of his work here.

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