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    Happy Labor Day!

    On Labor Day, we celebrate a variety of the ways people work – from retail, to police, to athletes and performers, to lifeguards.          

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    District. Photographed? A changing perspective through dance

    I have been a dance photographer for over a year and Glade Dance Collective was the very first dance company that I worked with. The first show that I saw them perform contained a piece called District. Defined? I was struck by it’s young and eager take on the city. As native of the DC area, it was easy to see it’s perspective as that of a DC transplant, and dismiss it as different from mine. Over the last few years, having seen it a couple times, I’ve started to realize that there is much more that it has to say about our city.

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    What lies beneath

    There’s recently been a lot of news about McMillan Park in D.C., with secret parties and protests about the impending redevelopment and a group trying to preserve it.  Right near Children’s Hospital, McMillan Park is that large fenced-off space with the weird towers.  On the last time that it legally had a viewing day for the public, back in 2012, I got to see the de-commissioned water treatment plant underneath the towers. The doors in each tower open to an entry ramp into the underground. There are twenty towers, and each tower has the same vast series of catacombs, an acre each.  The eerie light comes from round holes overhead. …

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    Santas come to D.C.!

    Many Santas have come to D.C. this week, some classic and some bizarre. Here are some of the favorites we’ve spotted around town: Classic Santa   Barbie Santas From the Q Street Barbies, who are wonderfully dressed up for every holiday   Hawaiian Santa   Santa among the wigs   Scary Santa   Happy Holidays!  

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    Finding the holiday spirit in Old Town Alexandria

      For photographers looking to capture the holiday spirit, Old Town Alexandria offers a little bit of everything — tree-lined streets decked with holiday lights, colorful window displays, festive street entertainers and a lot of happy people enjoying the shopping, dining and ice cream. The DC Focused Meetup group hit the Old Town streets recently to take in the sights during blue hour, that period right after the sun sets when everything is, well, blue. To find out more of what Old Town has to offer, check out Extraordinary Alexandria. [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””] [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””] [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””] [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””] [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””] [divider…

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    The End of the USS Barry

    The USS Barry has been a fixture on the Anacostia riverfront for the past 31 years, but it is about to become scrap. There is no exact time set, but it will be sometime in the next few weeks – so if you want one last glimpse, go asap. These photos were taken yesterday, when the ship still looked regal presiding over the river by the Navy Yard.     The USS Barry is a destroyer, commissioned in 1954.  It is 424 feet long, with a mast that stretches up 150 feet.     It went all over the world, as part of both the Atlantic and the Pacific fleets. …

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    The vital Capital Area Food Bank

    Last night, I was fortunate to get a tour of the Capital Area Food Bank.  I’d known that it was the major organization addressing hunger in the area, but I had not imagined how truly vast it is.  Each year, it feeds 540,000 people in D.C. and surrounding Maryland and Virginia – that’s 12% of the population.     The food bank operates as a hub for getting and distributing food.  It gets food through food drives, but that is only a fraction of what is needed, so it uses donated funds to purchase food directly from stores, growers, and other sources.  On the distribution side, it works with 444…

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    How contests are a good idea, even when you lose

      Forty-eight hours ago (from when I started to write this post), I entered a photography contest. The contest was limited to twenty-four hours of shooting and centered on creating story of five images on movement. And twenty hours after closing, they live streamed the judging process on YouTube (video archive link is currently not working). I should say right off the bat that I was eliminated in the first round, but it has been the most exciting contest I have ever entered. There are a couple reasons why and I wanted to put them down on “paper”  in an orderly fashion. All images © Rob Cannon. [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””]…

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    Exploring Pinhole Photography

    When the compact disc first came on the scene and experts the world over talked about its amazing audio fidelity, I held my vinyl lps even closer, insisting that they had a warmer, more natural sound. I think it is the same thrill of the old that draws me to pinhole photography. Pinhole photos are more about a mood than pixel-peeping performance. They have an otherworldly, sometimes eerie, quality. A traditional pinhole camera is simplicity itself — a lightproof box with a tiny hole at one end and photographic paper or film on the inside. However, there are now pinhole attachments that you can use on your digital SLR to…

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    Discovering America

    When we came to America, a long time ago, we prayed and we placed our flag at the shore. Some of us came in search of adventures, some in search of dreams. Lots of us were running away from nightmares. We brought our religion, we brought our culture, we brought our traditions. And some of the natives received us well, others resisted; but still, we were able to make it and we prevailed. We are still exploring the place, conquering it, and making it our new home. We are the immigrants, and every day, every moment, we are discovering America. All images © Pablo Benavente, aka Pablo Raw. You can…

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    Exploring the historic U Street Heritage Trail

      Our DC Focused Meetup group spent a recent Sunday afternoon exploring the U Street Heritage Trail, which highlights some of the important historical sites in the greater U Street neighborhood. Our mission was to tell the story of the neighborhood, which stretches a couple blocks on each side of U Street. From the Cultural Tourism DC’s description of the area: “For the first half of the 20th century, this neighborhood inspired and sustained the rich social, civic, and cultural life of Washington’s African American community. During the years of segregation, U Street was Washington’s “Black Broadway” and the heart of African American business and culture. Here people of color responded with…

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    Can Lonaconing’s abandoned silk mill be saved?

    In the summer of 1957, the employees of the Klotz Throwing Factory in Lonaconing, Maryland went home on a Friday afternoon, returning to the silk mill on Monday to find the doors locked — the building and everything inside it had been sold. Whatever plans the new owner had for the mill never materialized. The silk industry, like many other American textile concerns, found that labor and costs were a lot cheaper overseas. One story that has made the rounds is that the mill had been shut down to keep workers from organizing a labor union. Whether that story is true or not is lost to history. Today, 58 years later,…