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    D.C rallies for Orlando

    Pride was celebrated all weekend in D.C., but before we bring you those photos, we want to show the strength, love, and sadness from the D.C. rallies for Orlando. Here are the scenes by the Capitol and White House last night:                      

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    Of funk and urbanism: An ode to Jane Jacobs

    I went to the Funk Parade; part of the cadre of official photographers. I have recently been inspired by urban theorist, Jane Jacobs, the original proponent of organic urban renewal and sidewalks in the city. To me, Jane should be a street photographer’s hero. Her ideas on urban design were on my mind when I arrived at the parade. Besides seeing the parade, I was mostly interested in what people were doing, how they were interacting and why they were there. My somewhat Felliniesque take on the parade was not helped by the fact that I had Skepta’s ‘Konnichiwa’ and Radiohead’s ‘Burn the Witch’ on heavy rotation. Here is to…

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    District. Photographed? A changing perspective through dance

    I have been a dance photographer for over a year and Glade Dance Collective was the very first dance company that I worked with. The first show that I saw them perform contained a piece called District. Defined? I was struck by it’s young and eager take on the city. As native of the DC area, it was easy to see it’s perspective as that of a DC transplant, and dismiss it as different from mine. Over the last few years, having seen it a couple times, I’ve started to realize that there is much more that it has to say about our city.

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    Dispatches: Death Valley National Park & The Alabama Hills

      [nectar_dropcap color=””]L [/nectar_dropcap]ast month, I flew out to Las Vegas for 3 nights of photography. It had been a long while since I took a trip dedicated to photography! As a new father, my world turned upside down and I found it to be much harder to spend extended time away from home. Every moment is so special and I find it hard to be away to miss even the slightest thing. But being out in the environment and doing photography helps me clear my head and mind when the rush of life overwhelms me. Taking the time to travel and explore is worth it for me. I had…

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    Our #DCFocused_tinyshot challenge proves it’s a small, small world, after all

    [nectar_dropcap color=””]O [/nectar_dropcap]ur photography challenge this month was inspired by Lorie Shaull’s miniature figurine photo shoot, which, in turn, was inspired by Slinkachu’s The Little People Project. The challenge was to grab an action figure, toy or trinket and get creative with forced perspective, bokeh and depth of field. There’s almost no way not to have fun with this challenge, which is obvious from the responses to this assignment. Here are some of our favorites, which were posted in the DC Focused Facebook group. 1. Pablo Raw | Godzilla on the Rampage   Pablo took his Godzilla toy (with movable limbs!) to the National Mall where he let it loose on…

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    One last (maybe) look back at #CherryBlossomsDC 2016

      This year, I probably went out for cherry blossoms more than I had any previous year that I can remember. I woke up for a few sunrises, stayed for a few sunsets, and spent some time exploring during the day. As a landscape photographer, there is a fine line between capturing what is presented to you (in weather, blooms, people) and creating something with what you have. Lately, I have been focusing on the latter — trying to create an image given the available elements. Sometimes those elements are inherently beautiful, and therefore popular. Think a blazing orange and pink sunrise – not many people wake up for those,…

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    Spending a chilly weekend with Assateague’s wild ponies

      Camping out on Assateague Island National Seashore in March is always a roll of the dice. You might end up with great spring weather … and you might end up under a foot of snow. The recent DC Focused outing to Assateague probably fell somewhere in between. Temperatures dipped into the 40s but the windchill made it a lot worse. Still, we were there for the ponies and they didn’t disappoint. The 48,000 acre National Seashore is on the Maryland coast, just south of Ocean City, and about a two and half hour drive from the district. From the National Park Service: “Human activities also exert a strong influence Assateague’s natural…

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    Photos beyond the monuments: Ten years of Exposed

    Congrats to Exposed DC, which recently marked ten years of celebrating photography in Washington, DC. They do so with an annual photo contest that highlights a city that most tourists never get to see – the DC beyond the monuments. I was fortunate to be in the very first show back in 2006 with my photo “Rose Runs.” It’s the daughter of a friend of mine, captured as she was walking past a graffiti-covered wall in Stead Park near Dupont Circle. The park has since been cleaned up but I liked the contrast between the innocence of youth and the grit of the city. The advent of digital cameras had…

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    Dispatches: Just follow the Northern Lights to Alaska

      when one thinks of places to visit during the cold DC winter, Alaska is likely one of the last choices you would make. Heck, through January this year, the DC area had more snow than Anchorage, Alaska (as measured at Dulles International and Anchorage International, respectively). And what is there to see in Alaska in the winter months besides short days, long dark nights, and lots of ice and snow? Well, for one, and the ultimate goal of the trip I took, the aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. Beyond the wonder of the aurora though, there is something special about Alaska during the winter, especially for a photographer.…

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    Ballet and photography come together in a study of styles

      I had the opportunity last weekend to photograph DC’s Classical Repertory Dance Ensemble. The evening included a program that presented a mix of dance styles centered around both classical and contemporary ballet. In the same way, the photographs included in the current post and Featured Gallery present a mixture of photographic styles from classic representational, contemporary high dynamic, and artistic finishes approaching impressionism. View the full gallery. All images © Jeffrey Morris. See more of his work on Jeffrey Morris Photography. You can follow him on Instagram at @jeffreyindc. About the Classical Repertory Dance Ensemble (CDRE) CDRE is an adult ballet company comprised of non-professional dancers who train, rehearse and…

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