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    Celebrating Capital Pride

    In a town that loves a parade, there aren't many weekends bigger than the annual Capital Pride weekend. And as can be expected, when there's an event this big, there's bound to be a phalanx of photographers out documenting the festivities. There's not many events in DC that can beat it for its sheer photogenic appeal.

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    The Dead Tell Their Tales at Congressional Cemetery

    With Halloween just days away, what better time to visit a graveyard? Each year at around this time, Congressional Cemetery offers up Soul Strolls, twilight tours of the grounds featuring stories from some of its dearly departed. Actors in period costume tell us about the lives — and frequently, unfortunate deaths — of a few of the 65,000 people buried in the cemetery. Here are some of their stories.   In 1880, suffragist Belva Ann Lockwood became the first woman to argue cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. She also ran for President in 1884 and 1888 as a candidate for the National Equal Rights Party. Lockwood died in 1917,…

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    High Heel Race

    Thousands of people came out last night to watch the fantastic 30th year of the High Heel Race on 17th St. Several D.C. Focused photographers were there, and this is what we saw:  

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    A Feast of Cars

    Every year Rockville holds a great free show of antique and vintage cars. A couple of us went to this year’s show last Saturday, and got to see 550 cars spread out over a large field. One of the first things you notice is how great car colors used to be:     The classic shapes also look good in black and white:     There are a few extremely old cars, like this 1912 E-M-F (which last year drove 10,000 miles back and forth across the U.S.):       There are 32 different car clubs at the event, so you can see many types of vintage cars:  …

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    Playing with Fire

    We had a great time photographing all the art and performances at last weekend’s Art All Night. One of the highlights was the exciting fire performances in several neighborhoods: Curioso Carnival on H Street     Incendiary Circus in Van Ness       Pyroxotic in Shaw       Nuit Cirque, Art Soiree in Shaw       Moksha Nar: “All Roots Lead Home” in Shaw       Featured image © Diriki Rice

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    D.C. Fashion Week

    D.C. Fashion Week opened last night for its 25th year. The fashion show was in a spectacular location, using the Yards Park pedestrian bridge as the runway. As night fell, we were treated to some great local creativity.               The architecture of the bridge made a perfect setting for the models and the attendees.       D.C. Fashion Week continues throughout the week with other events.     All images © Victoria Pickering

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    The swimming of the dogs

    After America celebrates Labor Day and the kids are back in school, after the last boiiing of a spring board launching a teen diver, after the last squeals of a toddler joyfully splashing water, and after the last lap has been swum and all the pools shuddered for the year, the DC Department of Parks and Recreation re-opens its Community Pools for one more day… to dogs. Saturday, September 10, was Dog Swim day at the DC community pools. Model-in-residence Imi and I packed a towel, some sunscreen and a couple of lenses (of course), and headed to the Francis Community Center Pool in the nearby West End neighborhood of…

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    D.C. State Fair

    The D.C. State Fair was yesterday, modest in scope but unmistakably D.C. as the heat radiated up from the vast concrete surface of Storey Park. Some of what we saw: Hula hoops     Vendors with great art     Batala drummers     The Sloppy Joe eating contest       People coping with the bright sun     And the fantastic art that covers the surface of the park              

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    Dancing in the Streets at the 17th Street Festival

    The seventh annual 17th Street Festival was just the place for dancing (and singing, plucking, and fiddling…) in the streets. Unlike the 2015 festival, which offered a main stage for performers, this year’s event featured roving troupes of musicians and dancers who did their things among the crowds on 17th Street. Feature image © Victoria Pickering   One of the day’s highlights was a group of dancers performing to Spanish guitar.     The high point of the show came when a diminutive performer joined the grown up dancers.   Also wending its way through the crowds was a mariachi band.     Perhaps banjo is more your thing…  …

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