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    #DCFocused Pic 5: Lines, curves and blurs, oh my

    I’m always envious of people who can create beautiful, abstract images from scenes that most of us walk by every day without noticing.  The patterns, textures, shadows and shapes are everywhere. Today’s contributors are people who see the everyday world a little differently. Follow today’s contributors on Instagram at @ellievanhoutte, @thatpma,  @jdsonder, @tappety and @yesitscess. To be featured in our Pic 5 selection, tag your photos #DCFocused. 1. Composition still matters Oil and rocks….something spotted on a morning run. #abstract #art #colorful #iphone #washingtondc #fotodc #washingtondaily #exposeddc #ilovedc #igdc #acreativedc #dcfocused #dctography #seemycity #ig_northamerica #instagramdc #igersofdc #dcitystyle #theamericancollective #justgoshoot #streetdreamsmag #visualpoetry #igersdc #instadc #bythings #exploredc #instagrammersoftheyear #instagrammersoftheyear_northamerica A photo posted by Ellie Van Houtte (@ellievanhoutte) on…

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    Into the Light by Rick Engdahl

      There was a lot we loved about this photo before we talked to Rick Engdahl. But after Rick explained how it came about, we loved it even more. Rick says his intention behind this image was to “embrace the energy and motion that the blur gives you, but still create a composed image that tells a story.” Just like in street photography, the story here isn’t what is actually happening in the photo but the one that the viewers create in their minds. When we see this photo, so many possibilities jump into our imaginations. Is it some sort of supernatural scene? Are the people trying to escape something?…

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    Waves by The Amazing Mr. Ripley

    The thing we like about this photo is it doesn’t try to show too much. Often times, beginning photographers feel like they have to get all of a scene into the frame. A lot of times, focusing on the details can make an a more interesting photo. In this case, even without any context to this image, DC residents know that it’s from the courtyard of the National Portrait Gallery. Featured image by The Amazing Mr. Ripley is part of the DC Focused flickr pool.

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