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Capital Pride – June 13 and 14


Capital Pride is a week-long event, with the major public activities being the parade (June 13 starting at 4:30) and the festival (June 14 from 12-7).

Here is my game plan for enjoying the event and taking photographs.

At the parade, I like to start near the beginning of the parade, watching the participants as they get ready before the parade starts.

Then I watch the parade near its beginning on P Street, enjoying both the parade and the spectators (and if you are lucky, you can catch the beads!)

The parade has a long winding route, so there is still plenty to see after the parade has passed by the first couple of blocks.  So next I wander through Dupont Circle (on the south side, the north side is way too crowded), and resume watching the parade closer to its end.

Make sure to watch out for the bubbles and water spray!




After the parade is over, I like to walk back to Dupont Circle because there are often celebratory crowds still there.



At the festival the next day, if you don’t have the stamina for the full 7 hours, I’d recommend going toward the middle or the end, when the crowds are the largest and most interesting.  There is a lot to see and do, and some great performances.  One thing I try to do is to take some photos with the Capitol in the background, making this unique among the Pride celebrations throughout the country.





I'm a D.C. native, but have only been taking photos for about five years. Even in that time, I've seen so many changes in D.C., and am increasingly interested in photographing the things in D.C. that are temporary or may be demolished, and the people who interact with the city. When I'm not out photographing, I'm a web developer.