Ben’s New Mural

Story and photos by Victoria Pickering

Today was the opening presentation of the new mural at Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street. There’d been a lot of speculation this spring about who would be featured on the mural, and Ben’s had invited the public to vote on possibilities. The answer has turned out to be just about everyone – ranging from Harriet Tubman to Jim Vance to Prince to the Obamas. And Chuck Brown, of course.

Artist Aniekan Udofia, who also did the 2012 Ben’s mural, has sketched in the outlines of many of the figures. It’s going to take him about two weeks to finish the mural, so there’s plenty of time to go look at it in progress.

All images © 2017 Victoria Pickering. Her work can be found on her website and on Instagram.

Aniekan Udofia being interviewed about the mural.

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