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    Dispatches: Rediscovering the Big Apple

      If you are a photographer on the East Coast then you’ve probably done more trips to New York than you can count. And you’ve seen every photographer you know have their own take on the “Greatest City in the World.” But that shouldn’t stop you from looking for something new to inspire you in the Big Apple. Here are some of the things I saw in New York this summer, both old and new. All images © 2016 Rob Cannon. You can see more of Rob’s work on his website. Dispatches is our occasional look outside of DC at the places local photographers have traveled. Have a set of photos…

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    Otakon’s last hurrah in Charm City

    Before I ever started going to the convention, Otakon has always been, for me, tied to Baltimore. Pratt street and the Inner Harbor is taken over by cos-players and convention goers and everyone who works downtown or drives down Pratt Street knows it, because for one weekend you can’t escape it. Otakon is what made me fall in love with photography. I went for the first time five years ago, on a lark, tagging along with coworkers. I had some knowledge of Anime and going inspired me to watch more. What surprised me was every year I would spend less time going to talks and more and more time photographing…

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    Awesome Con Lives Up to the Name

    For the last fours years, Awesome Con has grown to be a real contender with the growing list of conventions in the Greater DC area. It takes place at the DC Convention Center, which makes it unique for being metro accessible. Check out the photos below of this year’s creative guests.

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    District. Photographed? A changing perspective through dance

    I have been a dance photographer for over a year and Glade Dance Collective was the very first dance company that I worked with. The first show that I saw them perform contained a piece called District. Defined? I was struck by it’s young and eager take on the city. As native of the DC area, it was easy to see it’s perspective as that of a DC transplant, and dismiss it as different from mine. Over the last few years, having seen it a couple times, I’ve started to realize that there is much more that it has to say about our city.

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    From beach to underground: a sneak peek of Raise/Raze

    [nectar_dropcap color=””]S [/nectar_dropcap]tretching out through the tunnels of the Dupont Underground is a cavern made of plastic balls. Stalagmites and stalactites of balls rise from the floor and descend from the ceiling. Several walls and curved structures wrap around the existing walls in way that seems made for selfies (Sorry Renwick, Facebook profiles are going to be updated). More that just a static installation, the balls are arranged in blocks and affixed with velcro. Visitors are encouraged to move them, which should change the installation over time. The Dupont Underground acquired the plastic balls from the National Building Museum’s The Beach installation a year ago. Over a hundred designs were submitted and, in March, Hou…

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    Costumes Abound at Magfest

    With the explosion in popularity of Comic Con, it seems like no fan convention is without it’s dedicated cosplayers. Traditionally Magfest has always had a few, but it is only in recent years that it has really blossomed. Check out the photos below.

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    Gaming for All Ages at Magfest

    Magfest is a convention about gaming, so it’s no surprise that biggest area of the convention is dedicated to playing games. Arcades, consoles, and computers are packed into a football-field sized room with not much more than the glow of the screens lighting the room. Attendees play everything from Pac-Man to Rock Band to games still in development.

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    Metroid vs Mega Man: A Magfest Music Matchup

    The one thing that makes Magfest different from most fan conventions is it’s love of music, specifically video game music. An entire ballroom of the spacious Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center is dedicated to two stages that give attendees a marathon of concerts. On Thursday, the first day of the convention, musical performances switched between the two stages every hour, allowing the energy to remain constant. The night closed with two acts that on paper seem very different. Metroid Metal is a full band that plays instrumental metal. Mega Ran on the other hand is a former teacher turned rapper. The subject matter was the through line that held these performances together.…

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    The Cosplay that Came in from the Cold

    When thinking about Anime conventions in the DC area, Otakon is usually the first to come to mind. Besides being located in downtown Baltimore, it used to be the biggest Anime convention in the country. Katsucon, on the other hand, has been going for almost as long, but bounced around from Virginia Beach to Baltimore to Arlington before settling at the the Gaylord Hotel in the National Harbor. Since it’s been at the Gaylord it’s doubled attendance in just the last few years. Katsucon, described by Van Ngo, who has been going for several years, and gives us his thoughts from this year: Roaming the halls of Katsucon 22, one can’t help but admire…

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    How contests are a good idea, even when you lose

      Forty-eight hours ago (from when I started to write this post), I entered a photography contest. The contest was limited to twenty-four hours of shooting and centered on creating story of five images on movement. And twenty hours after closing, they live streamed the judging process on YouTube (video archive link is currently not working). I should say right off the bat that I was eliminated in the first round, but it has been the most exciting contest I have ever entered. There are a couple reasons why and I wanted to put them down on “paper”  in an orderly fashion. All images © Rob Cannon. [divider line_type=”Small Line” custom_height=””]…

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    Jousting through Summer

    Looking for a family friendly event that’s only an hour away from Washington? From August to October, the Maryland Renaissance Festival is probably the easiest way to spend an entire day without a dull moment. From the moment you walk up to the gate, there are people dressed up in elaborate “period” pieces from the most authentic to the most outlandish. There are hundreds of activities for kids and adults. Shops adorn the paths between activities with intricately designed costumes, swords, and jewelry. Multiple stages throughout the festival showcase performances of all types, from the deathtifying to singing and dancing. While styled around medieval and renaissance themes, the festival never takes itself too seriously and ends up being…