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    Dispatches: A pleasant summer in Minnesota & a recipe for Swedish egg coffee

    Summertime is pleasant in Minnesota. Having spent most of my adult life sweating through sticky DC summers the thought of a comfortable summer had never really crossed my mind until my partner and I decided to spend the season in Minnesota. Working from home has many advantages and a big one is having the flexibility to pick up and leave–that’s what we did this summer (and extended into the fall). Turns out Minnesota is also a good place to take a break from DC politics. It’s been a summer spent exploring new places as well as seeking out some of Minnesota’s roadside attractions with my trusty Roadside America app. Much of…

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    Dispatches: Anger & Grief in St Paul Minnesota

    The morning after Philando Castile was killed in his car after being pulled over by police for a broken tail light in the Falcon Height neighborhood of St Paul, Minnesota, a protest rally was held at the Governor’s residence on Summit Avenue in St Paul. Diamond Reynolds, Castile’s girlfriend, who shot the iPhone footage after Philando had been shot was at the rally and spoke to the crowd, “He was loving, he was caring.” Since then, there has been an ongoing presence of protestors in front of the residence as well as a number of rallies in and around St. Paul. Over the weekend, I went back to the Governor’s residence and to…

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    Dispatches: Colorful Explorations in Austin

    A long weekend in Austin paired with a rental bike was a fortunate break from DC’s streak of cloudy, rainy spring days. My explorations took me all over the city on little journeys to photograph a bit of Austin’s creative colorfulness. With a “major fun” recommendation from my trusty Roadside America app, Vince Hannemann’s Cathedral of Junk in South Austin does not disappoint. Hidden in his suburban backyard is Vince’s wonderful towering creation that he started building in 1988. You could wander through for days and continue to make new discoveries. When faced with the inevitable question of why, Vince’s basic explanation is the answer of a true artist with a…

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    Democracy & Demonstrations on The Hill

    It was a busy Monday morning on Capitol Hill with continued Democracy Spring demonstrations & arrests at the Capitol as well as enough demonstrators at the Supreme Court for police to block off First Street between SCOTUS and The Capitol. This morning the Supreme Court heard the immigration case, United States v. Texas. For some good explainers on the case (it’s complicated) take a look at Vox and SCOTUS Blog. I’ve photographed a fair amount of demonstrations at the Supreme Court & I always like getting to see the handmade creations that protesters bring to make their point. Both events didn’t disappoint as far as creativity is concerned; the giant…

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    Out on a Limb

    This year as cherry blossom season rolled around I decided to try something a little different…with an emphasis on ‘little.’  When I first saw street artist, Slinkachu’s ingenious photographs of little people out in the world I think I was maybe equal parts charmed and jealous. What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?!? Since Slinkachu started photographing little people in 2006 a whole slew of photographers have been charmed into their own little photography projects.  There are a number of Flickr groups dedicated to them and some truly ingenious work with little people and big food by photographer Christopher Boffoli. Following in the tiny footprints of all the little…

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    Inside AIPAC

    Much of my interest in photography and videography comes from a curiosity about getting to explore what goes on behind the scenes. When I was able to get media credentials to photograph at AIPAC via PoPville, I had the opportunity to get a closer look at the candidates and check it all out from inside the Verizon Center. The conference was well-run and organized–so well organized that, as photographers, we weren’t able to move very far from press locations and escorted visits down to the floor while speakers were on stage. My photos of the event are inside those parameters.  Of course, after hearing that Trump had decided to speak, I…

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    Some scenes from Snowzilla 2016

    After the snowfall, I took my video camera out to capture some scenes from around town. I had originally wanted to get up to Dupont Circle to film the big snowball fight but the Metro wasn’t running that day and I finally settled on sticking to my neighborhood in Capitol Hill and the sledders at the Capitol rather than trying to ride my bike on snowy streets up to Dupont. When the Metro started running the next day, I covered a bit more ground.

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    9:30 World’s Fair: Documenting the 9:30 Club’s double-anniversary exhibition

      The 9:30 Club is filled with DC music memories and last week they opened their doors for a free interactive, multimedia look back at its 35 years here in DC. When I heard they added extra tickets to the already sold out time slots, I quick snagged a couple and took my camera with me on Saturday afternoon for some low light shooting and a memorabilia-filled, immersive trip through the club.   My first 9:30 Club experience was back in college at the original location at 930 F St to see They Might Be Giants. At that time it held only 199 people and I remember it being a…

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    Roadside America: A Summer Road Trip

    What I learned on my summer vacation this year–if you’re heading out on a road trip, be sure to have the Roadside America App loaded into your phone and build in plenty of extra time for interesting and enchanting stops along the way! Giant creatures and memorable sculptures abound along our highways and they seem to possess a beguiling siren call to a photographer on a road trip. I’ve added here a little slideshow that includes sights captured along the way as well as some of my Roadside America photo finds below. This year’s summer vacation involved a road trip from Northern Minnesota out to Glacier and Yellowstone and back again; I’d say…

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    Storey Park Paint Jam

      On Saturday, the open one-acre lot at 1st and L streets NE was transformed into a giant canvas for artists at the Storey Park Paint Jam. I spent much of the day filming all of the artists and their work in progress but made sure I took a little extra time to snap some photos. It was a beautiful day to have the chance to watch so many different works of art from so many talented artists appear on the painted white lot. Currently, the lot is used for NoMa’s free outdoor film series and Saturday’s event was billed as DC’s largest mural in the city. The Paint Jam…

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    Horton Hears a Who Day!

    On the 15th of May in the Jungle of Nool, In the heat of the day, in the cool of the pool, He was splashing… enjoying the jungle’s great joys… When Horton the elephant heard a small noise. Featured image © Lorie Shaull