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    #DCFocused Pic 5: Beautiful fall photos from our Instagram feed

    Are you a fall person or a spring person? Obviously, you can be both but if you had to choose one or the other, which would it be? Spring is beautiful, rejuvenating and literally a breath of fresh air after winter. But for me, the golden light and warm tones of fall make it the very best season to be a photographer. And if it pleases the ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I’d like to submit the following five images as exhibits A through E. To be sure we see your photos, tag them #DCFocused. Today’s images come from @justabartender, @ohhellorachel, @ellievanhoutte, @photoartbyjjy and @paddyleahy. 1. @justabartender Time to build bridges.…

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    Dispatches: Meet the desert’s ‘ugly duckling’ at Joshua Tree National Park

    As the legend goes, Mormon pioneers gave the Joshua tree its name because it reminded them of the Old Testament prophet with his arms outstretched to the heavens. Those Mormons were most likely suffering from heat-induced delusions. In nature’s beauty pageant, the homely Joshua tree walks away with Miss Congeniality. They’re in a word, ugly — resembling the unfortunate offspring of a cactus and a palm tree, without the stateliness of a palm or the intimidating presence of a cactus. Yet, as unattractive as they might be, no plant in the 800,000 acre Joshua Tree National Park is as important to the fragile desert ecosystem. The Joshua trees play a…

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    Kaitlin K. Walsh’s portrait of activist Rose Hamid is our challenge winner

    Our Environmental Portrait Challenge asked the DC Focused community to enter two photos that told us a story about a particular subject. One should be a headshot and the other a portrait that puts the subject in a setting that tells us little about that person’s “story.” It’s the type of “challenge” that photojournalists do on a daily basis when they are asked to produce images to go with profiles that will run in magazines, newspapers or websites. Our guest judge, Lynford Morton of Shutterbug Life, selected these images that Kaitlin K. Walsh submitted of Rose Hamid, a Muslim activist working to forge personal connections and open up dialog between diverse…

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    At 100 years old, the National Park Service is looking marvelous

    To celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the creation of the National Park Service, we asked members of the DC Focused photography community to share their favorite image and memory from a national park. Of course, some of our members were quick to point out that the NPS does far more than manage America’ 59 national parks. It also oversees many national monuments, historic places and, of course, the National Mall here in D.C. While the images are stunning, what we love about these photos are the memories they evoke and the emotions associated with them. To the men and women who help protect and preserve our shared heritage, thank you…

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    Up, up and away at the Flying Circus Airshow

    The weekend weather wasn’t the greatest for hot air ballooning or aerial acrobatics in vintage aircraft but the DC Focused meetup group made the most of its outing to the Flying Circus Airshow and Hot Air Balloon Festival in Bealeton, Virginia. Luckily, we made it out on Saturday morning, as Sunday’s show was canceled because of  low clouds, wind and rain. See more photos here.

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    DC’s Pokémon hunt draws hundreds to National Mall

      The hunt for the not-so elusive wild Pokémon hit the National Mall on Saturday, as hundreds of fans of the mobile game came out for a massive PokeWalk. Players split up into three teams and walked the Mall on the trail of Pokémon. Our DC Focused Photography Meetup group was there to document the action.  

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    5 minutes with Mike Lennett

      13,000 miles, 68 days, 29,000 shutter clicks There are two big trips that I hope to do some day — one of those around-the-world airline tickets where you pay one price that allows you to make numerous stops around the world as long as you keep going in the same direction, and a cross country road trip across the U.S.A. That’s one reason I was so fascinated with (and very envious of) Mike Lennett’s Facebook feed the last couple of months as he posted daily updates on his trek across the country. All told, Mike traveled 13,000 miles in 68 days, visiting 27 states, 17 national parks, numerous state and…

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    Cuba: Finding hope and dreams amid the rubble and everyday struggles

    A week in Havana is hardly enough time to experience more than a slice of what life is like in the city of 2.1 million. For first time visitors from the U.S., it can be a little overwhelming to take it all in in such a short period of time. Crumbling and decaying buildings everywhere, the sense of both hope and frustration among the people you meet, the surreal sight of classic American cars on the roads, the emerging capitalism and the artistic awakening that is evident in the island’s music, food, dance and arts. Our group of seven traveled to Havana from Washington, D.C. in June for Focused Photo Adventure’s inaugural Cuba workshop. It…

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    Storytelling Challenge: Environmental portrait and headshot

    For our July Challenge, we want you tell a story through at least two images of the same subject — one should be an environmental portrait and the other a headshot. Your subject can be a friend, family member, local business owner or random stranger. However, you must create new images — nothing from the archives allowed. The storytelling objective is to  put the subject in a setting that tells us a little bit about that person i.e. where they live, work or recreate. Post your photos to our Facebook group by July 31 and we’ll pick up to five sets to feature on the blog and we’ll award the photographer of…

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    Kickstarting our Cuban adventure

    A week from today, seven of us from the DC Focused community will be on a charter flight to Havana, where we’ll spend the next week photographing dancers, boxers, baseball players, artists, farmers and everyday people. We’ll wander the back streets of Old Havana chasing quintessential street images and get up before sunrise to document the city of 2 million residents literally and figuratively waking to a new day. Change is coming to Cuba. Slowly but surely and this will be our chance to document the country in transition. This will be my third trip to Cuba but the first leading a group as part of my new business, Focused…

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    #DCFocused Pic 5: A weekend to honor and remember

    We’re big fans of storytelling and the images in today’s Pic 5 each do a remarkable job of telling the story about what Memorial Day in Washington, DC is about. Follow today’s contributors on Instagram at @minnie_ger, @ellievanhoutte, @nanagyesie, @pootie_ting and @wolfkann. To be featured in our Pic 5 selection, tag your photos #DCFocused. 1. Find the evocative image | Grace Wang Mary Alice Horrigan, a gold star mom. It means when you send your son to the war as a blue star mom, you never get chance to see him back. Her son Robert Horrigan is the reason to tagging the flags on national mall. Check out the name tags and stories under each flag!…