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    Juggalos to America: “Liking crappy music is not a crime”

    File this under, the now we've seen it all category. On Saturday, the Juggalos -- devotees of Insane Clown Posse -- came to D.C. to protest the bad rap they say they've received because of their taste in music and style. The well-behaved and, dare say, friendly group of Juggalos say that the Justice Department has unfairly characterized them a "gang."

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  • Events

    Celebrating Capital Pride

    In a town that loves a parade, there aren't many weekends bigger than the annual Capital Pride weekend. And as can be expected, when there's an event this big, there's bound to be a phalanx of photographers out documenting the festivities. There's not many events in DC that can beat it for its sheer photogenic appeal.

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    D.C. State Fair

    The D.C. State Fair was yesterday, modest in scope but unmistakably D.C. as the heat radiated up from the vast concrete surface of Storey Park. Some of what we saw: Hula hoops     Vendors with great art     Batala drummers     The Sloppy Joe eating contest       People coping with the bright sun     And the fantastic art that covers the surface of the park              

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  • Arts

    Summer ICEBERGS!

    On the hottest days of the year, the best new way to cool off is to go to the ICEBERGS exhibit at the National Building Museum.  Don’t you feel cooler just looking at this? There are thirty icebergs, ranging from 16 feet to 56 feet high, in the Great Hall of the museum, surrounded by an eerie blue screen.  Here’s the view from up above:   Inside the enclosure, you can climb up stairs to an observation deck in the tallest iceberg:   You can choose to go back down the stairs, or take one of the two slides down:       When it’s time to relax, there are…

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    USCG celebrates 100 years of aviation

    The Coast Guard had a ceremonial flyover on Friday to celebrate its 100 years in aviation. There were nine aircraft in the flyover, representing the range of the current fleet, and some of the aircraft were painted in historical colors. We were able to see them by the Air Force Memorial in Arlington, and along the Anacostia River by Nationals Stadium.          

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    D.C rallies for Orlando

    Pride was celebrated all weekend in D.C., but before we bring you those photos, we want to show the strength, love, and sadness from the D.C. rallies for Orlando. Here are the scenes by the Capitol and White House last night:                      

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  • Architecture

    Union Station is back!

    It’s been a long five years with scaffolding up at Union Station to repair the earthquake damage. It’s been even longer, 50 years in fact, since the main hall offered the unobstructed view intended by Daniel Burnham when he designed it in 1907. But now it has been restored to its glory:     Look at how open it is – no restaurant hovering over the center, no large planters, just the open space:     So go there soon – you’ll be astonished by the light. And if you are trying to photograph it, good luck – it’s such an interesting subject, but the strong light coming in the…

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