Art and Justice

Story and photos by Victoria Pickering

There’s a very powerful new artwork across from the Supreme Court, which looks even more striking in today’s snow.  The work is by Ndume Olatushani, who was imprisoned for murder in Tennessee for 27 years before his conviction was overturned in 2012. He started to create art while in prison, and has continued to create in the five years since his release.  He works with the Children’s Defense Fund, churches, and schools to use art to disrupt the “cradle to prison” pipeline facing young children at risk.

This work is sponsored by the United Methodist Church.  It is displayed during Lent in front of the Methodist building across from the Supreme Court.

All images © 2017 Victoria Pickering. Her work can be found on her website and on Instagram.

I'm a D.C. native, but have only been taking photos for about five years. Even in that time, I've seen so many changes in D.C., and am increasingly interested in photographing the things in D.C. that are temporary or may be demolished, and the people who interact with the city. When I'm not out photographing, I'm a web developer.