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Art All Night – creativity takes over D.C.!

Art All Night took over much of the city this weekend, from early Saturday evening until 3 am on Sunday, offering art, music, dancing, and performances. With five major locations and more than 35 different venues, it was impossible to see it all, so here’s a recap from photos in the DC Focused Flickr pool:


Textures by Shanna Lim

by Jeffrey Morris
Textures by Jeffrey Morris


Vaudoux Aerial Dance Theatre at Techworld Plaza

by LaTur
Nuit Blanche DC by LaTur


The Strong Man eats fire at Gallery O on H St.

by Kaitlyn Walsh
Art All Night by Kaitlin Walsh


Colombian Embassy

by angela n.
Embassy of Colombia by angela n.


Lionz of Zion breakdancing at the Wonder Bread factory

by Jeffrey Morris
Pro Breaking Tonight by Jeffrey Morris


Free [D] Art at the Fairy Lot

by Peter Thornton
Untitled by Peter Thornton


Live painting at the Swatchroom

Color Injection by Rob Cannon


Jennifer Stephens soap bubble art, at the City Market at O

by Jeffrey Morris
Pulling Air by Jeffrey Morris



There were lots of opportunities for participants to create art or interact with it.

Interactive fire sculpture and seesaw at Gallery O on H St.

Art All Night by Kaitlin Walsh


Shaw Shadows

One of the most popular exhibits was Shaw Shadows by Jim Webb.  Colored lights were projected on a five-story wall, inviting everyone to pose in front of the lights to cast their shadows on the wall.

by Miki Jourdan
Movie Monsters by Rob Cannon


by Miki Jourdan
Hitchcock by Rob Cannon


by Victoria Pickering
Shadow play by Victoria Pickering

Here’s how one participant looked while posing in front of the yellow light:

by Blink Ofanaye
Washington DC by Blink Ofanaye


Viewing art

There were lots of displays of paintings and media art, with some rapt audiences.

At Carnegie Library


by Jeffrey Morris
Watching Ray by Jeffrey Morris


Art Whino on H St.

by Kaitlin Walsh
Art All Night by Kaitlin Walsh


Riki Kim, Cube

by Peter Thornton
Untitled by Peter Thornton


Music and dancing

There were bands at several locations which drew large crowds.

Black Alley playing in Congress Heights

by Jeffrey Morris
Rocking the Heights by Jeffrey Morris


Music at the Wonder Bread Factory

Music in blue by Victoria Pickering


Silent Disco dance party

by Peter Thornton
Untitled by Peter Thornton


Projections at Carnegie Library

The Colored City projections were created live by artist Monsieur Arthur, mixing the colors on a tablet that projected onto the facade.

by Rob Cannon
Art All Night by Rob Cannon


by Victoria Pickering
Colored City light painting by Victoria Pickering


by Jeffrey Morris
Fascination by Jeffrey Morris

Art All Night has been an annual event in D.C. for the past five years, and continues to expand. This year, it was enjoyed by large crowds despite the rain cancelling some of the outdoor events. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, look for it again next September.

Art All Night in the rain by Victoria Pickering

I'm a D.C. native, but have only been taking photos for about five years. Even in that time, I've seen so many changes in D.C., and am increasingly interested in photographing the things in D.C. that are temporary or may be demolished, and the people who interact with the city. When I'm not out photographing, I'm a web developer.