Action at the DNC

With Philadelphia being a short train ride away, I decided to go up yesterday to see the demonstrations around the Democratic National Convention. The scene was democracy in all its glory – passion, heated debates, and some venom.
There were three main demonstrations yesterday:

The Bernie rally

Near City Hall, there was a large Bernie Sanders rally that went on for several hours.
This man summed up the anti-capitalist sentiment of the crowd:
Lots of signs and Bernie or Bust supporters:

Shut Down the DNC

This rally started by City Hall, and eventually marched three miles down to the Convention Center. The primary organizer was Shut Down the DNC, but it was also joined by Black Lives Matter, Flint Lives Matter, and some other smaller groups.

At the Convention Center

Many demonstrators were in Center City, which is where the delegates were staying and the place to get public attention. But there was also a very large contingent of demonstrators down near the Convention Center, three miles south of Center City. The area around the Convention Center was completely fenced off:
Many demonstrators stood around the security fence near the subway stop with signs, hoping to be viewed by the delegates who came by subway (although since there were special shuttle buses for the delegates, not many of them came by subway):
Across from the Convention Center, at FDR Park, there were large sprawling crowds, with lots of demonstrators and signs:
There were also lots of places to be expressive and creative, including art boards to color, and masks to buy and customize:
Police were everywhere, and generally quite friendly, including this stern-looking officer passing by on his motorcycle, who shouted to me right after I took his photo, “Hope you got my good side!”
It was a great day to see so many passionate people, despite the heat which hit 97 degrees. Fortunately, the fountains by City Hall provided relief for a few demonstrators:
Look for some more photographs in the near future – fellow D.C. Focused writers Kaitlin Walsh and Lorie Shaull are also photographing the Convention. It’s an irresistible place for political and photographic junkies.

All photos copyright Victoria Pickering