Welcome to DC Focused, a blog that chronicles life in the Washington, D.C. metro area, known affectionately to locals as the DMV – DC, Maryland and Virginia. While our city is known for its iconic monuments, buildings and memorials — we’re much more than that.

We’re a region of dynamic neighborhoods and cozy suburbs. We have world-class entertainment, a thriving restaurant and arts scene and  we’re a stone’s throw away from the Appalachian mountains and the Chesapeake Bay. We’re a diverse melting pot of newcomers and longtime Washingtonians. We field every major league sport and still find time for kickball, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee and bocce ball. Of course, we’ve also got the biggest game of all, the one played for high stakes in the marble halls of power.

We are a city of festivals and parades. Of protests and celebrations. Of moments that go down in history.

We’re not as big or fast-paced as New York, not as hip as San Francisco, not as broad-shouldered as Chicago … but we’re okay with that.

These are our stories.