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A look back at the Memorial Day spectacle

On a balmy Memorial Day weekend, I ventured to the crowded throngs near the Lincoln Memorial. Part of my curiosity for this year’s events were directly linked to the political climate, looming elections and other dynamics I wanted to investigate for myself. I ran into a courteous ex-service man and his bride, a number of bikers who obliged to my requests to take their photographs, people with interesting and catchy slogans on their t-shirts, as well as people crowded to see the Rolling Thunder display. It was a colorful day best best illustrated through black and white.

All images © 2016 Nana Gyesie.  His work can be found on his website, flickr and Instagram

Memorial Day-7429

Memorial Day-1605

Memorial Day-1407

Memorial Day-1587

Memorial Day-1385

Memorial Day-7488

Memorial Day-1577

Memorial Day-1464

Memorial Day-1422

Nana Gyesie is a street, travel, portrait and documentary photographer currently based in the Washington DC area with roots in Ghana. He is inspired by stories that are related to the human condition and shifting paradigms. His storytelling is inspired by contemporary photographers such as Renzo Grande, Eros Sana and 365Ken; and legendary photographers such as Gary Winogrand, Martin Parr and James Barnor.